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Meditation 101

Meditation is the practice of training the mind to help one achieve a state of calm and awareness. Meditation is usually done by focusing one’s mind on a particular object, place or activity.

How to Meditate

The Dhammakaya Method

The Dhammakaya school of meditation focuses on bringing the mind to the center of the body, which is considered the resting place of the mind. 


The method employs three main techniques to bring one's mind to a point of focus at the center: visualization, observing the breath, and use of a mantra.

Benefits of Meditation

Much like physical exercise, where you train the body, training the mind through meditation comes with a host of mental and health benefits that are well documented in science. These benefits include: reduced stress, greater mental clarity, improved memory, improvements in mood, increased willpower, a stronger immune system, higher self awareness, and greater self-esteem.

Women meditation class

Guided Meditations

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New to Meditation?

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