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Online Three Day Retreat

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Meditation retreats are one of the most popular tools for meditators to take their practice to the next level. Deepen your meditation practice and get away from the stresses of everyday life with the online Three Day Retreat hosted by L.I.G.H.T. House Retreats. Go on a weekend meditation retreat from the comfort of your own home complete with ten prerecorded meditation guides spread out over three days with a structured retreat schedule and guidelines. For the full retreat experience, it is recommended to invite friends over to do the retreat in a group, however doing the retreat solo is perfectly fine. *The retreat features an evening candlelight meditation on the third day. It is recommended to bring your own candles to light for a more serene atmosphere, although this is not necessary. As always, when handling fire, exercise caution. **The retreat is programmed to be completed over three days, with two, one-hour long sessions on the first day, so please schedule it on a weekend you're free and start the program on the day before the weekend. If you don't have weekends off, you should schedule it for when you have two consecutive days free and start the program the day before your intended two full free days.**


  • Introduction
  • Your Motivation
  • Recommended Training Rules
  • Retreat Schedule
  • Break Activities



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Online Retreats

Online Retreats

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