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The Pause Cause: A Free Online Meditation School and Mindfulness Community

Updated: Apr 1

How to use and navigate this site

Welcome to The Pause Cause, an online meditation platform and mindfulness community. Our non-profit organization operates free online meditation courses for the public and provides a place for meditators to connect and find support in their mindfulness journey.

Table of Contents

Using Our Programs

Our various programs can be accessed toward the bottom of any of our Program pages. These pages can be accessed via the site menu or from other pages on the site that link to them in a clearly marked fashion. The courses are organized in a module similar to the one shown below.

Once you select a course, you will be redirected to an about page with the course description and outline. If you decide to start the course, you will be instructed to either make an account or login if you already have one.

Program Types

Our various program types (courses, challenges and partnerships) are explained in-depth in their respective pages.

Here's a quick summary of each program type.

Courses - Guided meditation classes to teach you meditations step-by-step

Challenges - Timeframe based challenges designed to get you into the habit of meditating daily or building mindful habits

Partnerships - Programs hosted on The Pause Cause that were created by third parties

Community Features

A supportive community is instrumental to personal growth, whether it's having a gym buddy, tennis partner, or meditation companion.

Our site community features include the following:

The Pause-itivity Zone - A central forum to ask questions or discuss with The Pause Cause community as a whole. Also the best way to get in touch with the meditation instructors and site admins of The Pause Cause.

Groups - Individual groups for more specific discussion among a more narrow and relevant pool of members.

Rules and guidelines for using all social features of the site are outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Account Profiles

When you sign up, you can access your personal account profile by clicking on the dropdown near your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen.

The personal account profile lets you customize your public profile, notifications, look at programs you're participating in, and follow and interact with other users. You can also make your profile private, but this means you cannot interact with other members.

Changing email notifications

You can change your email notifications in the settings tab.

Changing Your Display Name and Profile Info

In the "My Account" tab, you can change your profile info and display name.

And at the bottom of the same tab you can change your profile url, blocked members list and whether or not you want to make your profile private or public.

Reporting/Blocking Members

As it is the Internet we are talking about, it is expected some of our users may have negative experiences with other users on occasion. If you feel the need to block a troublesome user or report them to our admins, you are encouraged to do so.

To block or report a member, simply click on their profile and click on the three dots to the right of their profile. It will give you the option to report or block the member.

Note that you are not able block or report site admins, so if you have an issue with a site admin please contact a different admin to report your issue.

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