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Take our Stress Management meditation series for FREE! Learn meditation and its stress reduction techniques at no cost today.

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Backed by Science

Meditation's ability to reduce stress has been well documented in multiple scientific studies. It's so effective that mental health professionals even prescribe it as a treatment for some mental disorders, including PTSD!

Become and Stay Stress Free

We provide a variety of free structured mindfulness challenges to ensure you both become and stay stress free! Our challenges help you build those life-changing mental fitness habits from scratch!

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Stress is very modern problem, and this requires modern solutions. Our courses can be completed 100% online from anywhere in the world!

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When we say FREE, we do not mean free trial, free demo, or get your first course free. We mean 100% FREE from beginning to finish! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that believes in freely sharing the knowledge and benefits of meditation.

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Take My Stress Away

New to Meditation?

We will never sell your personal information

  • What are the Benefits of Meditation?
    Meditation comes with a host of health benefits that have been well documented in scientific research. The scientific discovery of the various benefits and advantages of meditation have been likened to being even greater than the discovery of the various benefits of exercise. Meditation doesn't just reduce stress and anxiety. There is strong research indicating it improves sleep quality, improves several cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and willpower, reduces the risk & effect of various mental disorders, boosts your mood and sense of wellbeing, and even has numerous physical health benefits such as a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, and slowing down or even reversing the aging process and its negative health effects. Meditation has also been shown to be one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Studies show that meditation increases your productivity and willpower, allowing you to accomplish more in your day with meditation than without. Many famous and successful people meditate and attribute much of their success to the productivity meditation provides.
  • Is Meditation Suitable for Everyone?
    Almost everyone can practice meditation. Even small children have been taught meditation and have practiced it successfully. Only people with relatively rare and severe mental disorders such as severe psychosis are advised against it. If you have any concerns you or someone you know may fall into that category, please consult your doctor. People with more common mental disorders such as depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, etc., are able to learn and practice meditation with virtually no risk. In fact, meditation has been shown to improve the symptoms of many mental disorders significantly, and many psychiatrists and LCSWs nowadays recommend meditation, in addition to traditional interventions, to treat a wide range of mental disorders.
  • Is Meditation a Religious Practice?
    Meditation has its origins in various Eastern spiritual traditions. However, much like yoga, which also has religious origins, it is a beneficial practice that can be learned and practiced by people of any background for its various health and wellness benefits.
  • Is The Pause Cause Actually Free?
    Yes, everything on our public site is 100% free. No credit card. No subscription. No paywalled content.
  • How Do You Maintain a Free Business Model?
    The Pause Cause is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that mostly survives off of charitable donations. This model of meditation teachers freely sharing the knowledge of meditation in exchange for fully voluntary support was the way the knowledge of meditation was preserved and sustained since ancient times. One of our missions is to bring back this tradition of sharing meditation freely, with no charge or paywall. This was the norm among meditation lineages prior to the commercialization of meditation and rise of McMindfulness at the end of the 20th century. If you would like to support our mission, you can contribute at our support page here.
  • Is The Pause Cause a Religious Organization?
    Nope. We are registered as and operate as a secular meditation organization. Our meditation method and practices do have a Buddhist origin, as all schools of meditation have some kind of religious origin, but our focus is on meditation practice and training for its secular benefits regardless of religious belief.
  • What if I Want to Learn About Buddhism?
    We have noticed that a small percentage of meditation practitioners are also interested in learning more about Buddhist teachings beyond Buddhist meditation practice. However, this is not the place to learn about it. Our founders do plan to create a separate organization and platform to learn Buddhism for those who would like to, but The Pause Cause is not it. If the Buddhist platform is something you are interested in, you can contact us for more details.
  • Do I Need to Sign Up to Access Your Content?
    We recommend creating a free account in order to access all of our features. However, you can also access our content through our YouTube Channel if you prefer.
  • Do You Have a Mobile App I Can Download?
    Yes and No. We have a provisional mobile app hosted by Wix that works with both iOS and Android that you can use to access our content. You can download the app for free here. However, we do not directly own this app and have limited control over its functionality. We do plan to create our own mobile app with custom features, but this is still in the works. In the meantime, for mobile users we recommend either pinning our website to your phone's home screen for easy access or using our provisional mobile app.
  • Do You Sell or Share My Data with Third Parties?
    Nope. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have no reason or incentive to sell your personal information. The minimal amount of data that we collect for sign up is used solely for our own use to improve our user experience, marketing, or content.
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